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Alabama Morning with Sunflowers

I made this picture early this morning standing in the front yard. The sunflowers have survived forty days and forty nights without water ( except from the garden hose) and have rewarded me with a really nice show. The Alabama sky is a beautiful partly cloudy blue this morning so I am inspired to work around the house a bit. You can look closely and see the honey bee has been inspired to go to work also. My house stays shady most of the time. The large bush on the left is a fig tree and it's full of fruit Welcome to my front porch. I sit here often and think of all the things I should be doing but have learned to take a break and just relax for gosh sakes.  I wish some of you were close enough to pay me a visit. It's lonely here sometimes. I'm a great front porch swing talker but I prefer to listen to you tell stories. I think there are at least four types of sunflowers growing. I like these because I get