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Murder of Montevallo Physician Shocks the Community

Rev. Joseph Prentice,  who believed in equal education for all. Judge Mitchell T. Porter, son of Dr. Mitchell Askew Porter and wife Mary Margaret Wade. Dr. Mitchell A. Porter 's death on the 10th of October 1825 was one of Montevallo's first great tragedies.  He was spending Sunday at his home near the intersection of Island and Shelby Street when his father in law, Mr. Reuben Wade, wanted him to look at some land for sale. Dr. Porter, being a devout Methodist, did not want to go,  saying that nothing of a business nature should transpire on Sunday.  An argument ensued, and Mr. Wade stabbed his son-in-law with a knife.  Dr.  Porter died the next day, a month before his 28th birthday.   His wife , Mary Margaret Porter, was the only witness to the murder.  Feelings around the town were so intense that the trial was moved to Jefferson County. Mrs. Porter gave such an emotional account of the event, pleading for the life of her father, and yet, at the same t