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November in Alabama

I spray-painted some pine cones from Auntee's yard and placed them in old containers on the front porch. I saved the sunflower stalks ( the red birds eat the seeds) and gave them a little spray paint color and put them on the edge of the porch. This is 100% prim decorating style !! Love it or not. The 1816 cabin in prim-decorating glory ! Nothing fancy but prim always understates the situation. Joe in Denver says my house would be " not bad for a hill Billy house article Ina Yankee mag lol " The mower always seems to look better in the fall ! The house can be deceiving from the outside: the front and back rooms are each 30 feet long and 20 feet wide ! The upstairs is 30 feet long and 12 feet wide with 25 ft. long closets on each side. The back addition ( which you can't see ) is 20 x 12. It's still called "Joe's Room" although he moved back to Denver 22 years ago.

Fall 2022 Front Door Decor

First of all, the front door wasn't intended to be this ugly egg yellow. I was going to grain paint over it. I thought the paint was mustard, but I used the wrong can ! I am getting the paints now but have not decided on the new colors. I haven't painted in ten years. The wreath is made of old bed springs. I use about 15 per wreath. I only have this one that I kept. I reload it each season with whatever is available and suitable for the celebration. One can make and sell at least a dozen wreaths from a set of old bed springs, which people practically give away. They sell as quickly as I can make them. This year, the golden leaves came from Cedar Creek Antiques, which is a local shop. The painted gourd came from my friend Wanda, who deals only in primitives. The dark burlap on top came from a shop about an hour away, which was called Remember When. The new burlap and colorful ribbons on the bottom came from my new friend Pat, who owns Home Farm Antiques in New