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Three Portraits, oil on canvas.

Three new portraits have arrived from sales in Connecticut and Pennsylvania.  The sizes are the standard 25" x 30" . The condition is considered primitive, but I like her just the way she is.  The auctioneer said they were two of the ugliest women he had ever seen.   When  I called him to pay for them and arrange shipping, I told him that he shouldn't talk about my ladies like that.  I can see that she was someone's beloved grandmother.  This little boy with a red tie and green book is from a sale in Philly.  The white spots on his fantastic frame are where the gesso fell off while he was being shipped to me. The ride down from Pennsylvania must have been rough.  You can see that only the upper right gesso didn't fall off.  Here are the pieces of gesso found in the bubble wrap. I will piece them back together and fill in the spaces left with Apoxie Sculpt.  The only thing that I can't do is duplicate the patina on the gold