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A walk around the house, part one.

Welcome to my Alabama home, built seven generations ago by Benjamin and Hannah Wilson when they came to this county in 1816.  It was used as a house until 1906, then used as a barn until 1992 when I cleaned it out, put in a floor,windows, doors, heating, cooling, and everything else, and moved in.    It's a fine spring day and perfect to get a few pictures to inspire me to get out of the house and make some improvements around this place.  Here is a view from my porch across the field to the "old house" built in 1958.  My house is the "new house" built in 1817...perfectly logical in Alabama as I moved from the old house to my "new" one in 1992...hey, it was new to me.    These are my fancy steps to the spinning house. The mill stone came from Chilton County.  The marble was a found piece.    The spinning house has gotten a bit messy during the winter so a clean up/ clean out is in the plans. The loom in front is ready to load.   But firs

A walk around the house, part two.

  It's Saturday and the temps are in the 70's here in Bama. I'm out walking around the house seeing what all I need to be doing, but doing nothing except taking pictures for the blog.  I'm on the front porch and first up is this neat iron cook pot from Perry County I got last week for ten dollars. It was pitiful looking but a quick WD40 spray and the color is back.   This ebay purchase was an old gear board that someone painted    My friend Charlie had this giant spinning wheel in his shop for over a year and I always liked it so two weeks ago he brought it to me with a yarn winder.  He looked through the furniture in the old house and picked out a cherry table, a small marble top table, and a mahogany hall tree.    He is happy because what he took home will actually sell in his shop.   Of course, I'm very happy.  I think there are enough parts that it will  spin correctly.    Here are some egg gourds drying in the front yard.   They are the size