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Clues on an Ambrotype : EAR RINGS !!!

A close-up of this young Civil War Soldier wearing a New York style jacket in this ca. 1864 ambrotype reveals he might have gone to sea before the War. When sailors crossed the equator for the first time, one ear was pierced. The second was pierced upon crossing the second time. Many examples of civil war soldiers with ear rings have been found on men who were known not to be sailors. There were other reasons for piercings: style, fashion, belief in health improvement, and choice.

Color Tech on an 1862 Ambrotype

Color enhancement adds life to this 1862 photograph.

I love the new photo colorization

The new color technology brings 125 year old photographs to life.

Buying Soldiers

I've added a few new ambrotypes to my small collection of Civil War soldiers. This young man just came in.