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Meeks basin stand

A good friend stopped me from making a big mistake and selling this marble top basin stand.  He recognized it as by Meeks.  It looks good surrounded by the rosewood chairs from the Marion sale last spring.  I also bought some lustres and Old Paris and other vases and had no where to put them so they are there for now. The carving on the inside of the upper leg is a Meeks characteristic.  Some of the Old South big name furniture makers include Meeks, Belter, Prudent Mallard of New Orleans,  and Mitchell and Rammelsberg of Cincinnati (they made the furniture in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House).  I also love all the parlor sets made by John Jelliff. I am looking for correct casters to elevate the table. The caster marks are under the feet. That seems like a small thing but will make a very big difference once they are restored. 


"THE PRODIGAL SON RETURNS"   5" x 13"  I purchased this from Echoes Antiques in Seaford, N.Y.   The decal is from the painting by Pompeo Batoni in 1773. 


I just purchased this from Selkirk of St. Louis, Mo.  Twentieth century. Figural and floral decorated.  h. 13.5"

Portrait oil on canvas young man original frame

American School (19th Century), oil on canvas, Portrait of Young Man Holding Book, 35" x 27" canvas, 43" x 35" overall.   He arrived two days ago. He will be for sale in my booth in Marion.  He is in a large and almost perfect wood/gesso frame.  $600.00