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King's Rose and Queen's Rose: English Staffordshire Pearlware plus Adam's Rose

This is Adam's Rose, ca. 1835.  This is Queen's Rose. Notice the V in the center.  This is King's Rose on a creamer.   One source claims that King's Rose was manufactured for the American market from ca. 1815 to 1840. This is my small collection of King's Rose and Queen's Rose flanked by some girandoles on an 1850 Empire Chest.  King's Rose always looks good when saucers and plates are complemented by handleless cups.  Don't be impolite or improper.  Never drink from the cup.  Pour your coffee into the deep saucer and blow on it to cool it and drink from the saucer only.  Good manners for 1850. 

Old Alabama House

My cousin gave me permission to visit her old family home out in the country. The house predates the Civil War.   The construction of the house is board and batten.  Square nails are still present along the sides. The porch  floor is a safe replacement.  This is a picture of an actual dug-out room under the house where the family's only slave woman lived.  She was 25 years old in 1850 and had a 3 year old female child.  A board wall once enclosed the sunken room  The cooking and heating fireplace is still there to the right, but is now hidden by fallen bricks.  A tin roof still protects the house, but is showing signs of distress.  The board and batten walls on the right side show square nails.  This is under the right side of the house and appears to be the base of a chimney. Here one can see just how how up from the ground the house was constructed, in the style of a raised cottage.  One can see the support hand hewed beams. The boa

Part One: Antique Shop Marion Alabama

Period Chair 1850's. Sheraton Card Table. In the corner is a Sleepy Hollow Chair that is Period.  Oil on Canvas 1850/s 1860's. Large Oil on Canvas with some paint loss. 1850/s 1860's portrait in Selma Alabama Frame.  Selection of Old Paris,  Girandole sets, Marble candalabras, English porcelain.  Very old baby cradle. The top folds forward to hold the linen or can be folded back.  Empire Couch with new cover. No problems.  1850's 1860's.  Empire secretary/bookcase 1840's/1850's.  One of two matching Renaissance Revival 1860's blue chairs.  Period work table.  Girandole Sets, 1850's game table, Sleepy Hollow 1850's chair, English porcelain. 3 piece marble clock garniture; 1860's dresser with marble inserts. New lamp.I took the 1860's dresser home. It was from Mr. and Mrs. Hayes estate in Woodstock.  Signed bureau made in Ohio. Lusters. New lamp.  Pier table on left sold.

Part 2 Antique Shop in Marion Alabama September 2017

Meeks or Belter . ca. 1850's-1860's. Marble Top. Original Glass Pulls. Early Work Table, ca. 1830-40.. Pier Table. Marble Top repaired. Sold!  Empire Bureau with original glass pulls. Ca. 1850. English Dresser. Very Heavy. Original pulls. Heavy Paw feet.  Hunt Board. Square Pegs. Built by Cabinet Maker in 2003.  Empire 2 over 3 chest.  1840-1850's ca.  Mahogany inlaid string game table. Empire Work Stand or Sewing Table. 1840-1860's.  Beautiful Empire Game Table with remarkable veneers. Att. Meeks 1850's 1860's.  Early Empire Breakfast Table.  Beautiful Veneers.  Ca. 1850. 1860.  Period Corner Cupboard 7 ft. Primitive.  Victorian Couch with 4 chairs. 3 of the chairs date from the 1850's/1860's plus a matching stool. The stool sold and the set of  4 chairs and the  couch are on sale for $1200.00  Pier Table. Very Heavy Mahogany. Period 1860's.  This table