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Building a Primitive Couch

I decided to build a primitive couch.   To keep things as simple as possible, I knew I would need some sort of old base, some wide boards for the back and sides,  some padding, and some cloth for covering.   I had an old five foot long store table whose legs were uneven due to rot. I sawed off each leg about 2 inches to get them level.  I trimmed the top and back boards. I thought about taking the top off and drilling holes for a rope couch but decided that would be too much work and too much sag.  At the local hardware store I found some 1x12 pine shelf boards. All I had to do was saw and put them together. I took a bit from the front of each side so the couch wouldn't look too much like a pew.  I nailed a second layer of boards on the inside ends for extra bracing.  Here is a view from the back.  I let it sit a couple of weeks to see if I liked the shape and size.  It was fine.  I had no intention of ruining my primitive couch with expensive upholst