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6 1/2  x  13 inches.  Cranberry Etched Cut Glass Lusters. I love these colors.  Red or cranberry are my favorites. 

Pink lustre "Success" pitcher with inscription, 5-3/4" h

I love these old pink lustre pitchers.  Success to the Fleece/ To the Plough and the Sail/  May our Taxes Grow Less/ and our commerce ne'er Fail.   Left to right,  the PLOW,  the SAIL, and the FLEECE ( sheep)

Cock Fighting Platter

From the days when cock fighting was legal comes this large semi-porcelain blue and white platter showing the ring where the event took place.  In the stands sits the cheering crowd of men with bets on which will be the better bird.   The hallmark says "Spanish Festivities #1793".  The platter measures 14 1/4 inches long.  I still see yards of roosters, each with his own "house" here in the rural areas of Alabama, so the practice, although illegal, is still going on today, although I've never attended such an event, and wouldn't know where to go if I desired to do so.  Did you not see the sport in the newest version of Roots where Chicken George had great success for himself ?