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Mint Julep Cabinet

+Double Click each picture for a better look! Mint Julep Cabinet just pulled from an old plantation house in Alabama. All original. Inside is a cellerette for holding the liquor bottles. Under the marble top is an ornately tooled leather pull-out serving tray. I think the style is Empire-Rococo A bit of the veneer is missing on each side where a gentleman would rest his foot. I like the authenticity of that. This would probably date 1830s-1840s. Most likely made in New Orleans and purchased either there or in Mobile and brought "up the river" to the Black Belt region of Alabama. It's very heavy even without the marble top. This is only the third one I have seen since going to my first auction in 1968 as a teenager. One was in Roanoke, Alabama , at the Grandview Auction a couple o