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Oil Portrait: Lady with a Red Shawl; plus Little Boy's frame repair and Young Man with a Smile

My latest arrival is an oil on canvas oval portrait of a young lady wearing a white dress accented by a red shawl.  She was purchased without a frame, which is a difficult thing to do as oval paintings are not so easy to find a frame that fits.  I thought she looked so unusual with her hair parted and her slight smile that I wasn't concerned about a frame.   I had bought a large frame from an auction in Connecticut that was housing a very heavy mirror. No one bid on it but myself.   I had no intention of paying to have the mirror and frame shipped to Alabama from Connecticut.   I bid with the idea of telling the shipping company to discard the mirror part and ship me the frame only.  I could tell that the frame was originally intended for a portrait.  So when I won, I did just that.  "Send me the frame only." I had put the frame away in an upstairs closet.  I thought that one day I might luck up and find a portrait the right size.   I waited fo