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My Primitive Life in Alabama

Welcome to my Alabama home, built by my ancestors Benjamin and  Hannah Harless Wilson when they came here in 1816.   The house suits me well. The square of marble on the left is an original  upping stone ,  used to make it easier for riders to get on and off their horses.     The lard cooker in the side yard holds 80 gallons and was cast in 1878 in Batavia, Illinois, according to the bottom of it. The green duck weed in the cooker has just about disappeared for the winter. It will magically reappear in the spring.  The zinnias came up on their own. The dead branch is poke salad and its purple berries have been picked to use as dye.  My great grandmother's outside pots.  They escaped the melt down scrap iron drives during World War 2. A friend gave me the old rusted out pedal car.  This is the spinning and weaving house. My Kentucky loom is just inside.  So is the iron cook stove and three spinning wheels.  View from the front porch. The grain bin is square-nai