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Lovely lady with folded arms

I am restoring the frame now. Following the pattern of the gesso with Apoxie Sculpt modeling compound is not difficult. 

Sugar Chest

My friend Charleen led me to discover and purchase in Montgomery this sugar chest from a well known and respected primitives dealer. Dovetales on all for sides.  The front dovetales are on the outer edges. The dovetales in the back are hidden behind. The lid measures 30" x 20 ".  The base box measures  29" x 19 1/2 ".  The height is 26".  The dividers for the sugar/brown sugar/coffee were removed long ago but the grooves show they were there and prove the original intent for the piece.  The lid shows appropriate wear.  I had to take at least one shot in sepia.  -

American Empire Victorian Doll House

This beauty came up for auction this weekend in Stamford, Connecticut. From the Catalog:  Description:  Antique American Dollhouse Architectural Model. American Empire / Mid Victorian style. Handmade and hand painted. Appears to be original / very early paint. Purchased from the Mary Merritt Doll Museum of Pennsylvania. Measures 18 x 16 x 14 inches. Interior open as one large room, original or very old curtains in place. I really love the colors.  I want to live in a life-size house just like it.  My bid was the winner ( less than $100 ) so it should arrive sometime next week.

18th Century oil on canvas lady from Massachusetts Estate

A very pleasant looking lady is on the way from an estate in Massachusetts. She has no frame but her size is 25 x 30 which I have found to be not as difficult to locate, not to say that finding an 18th century frame here in Alabama is a common thing. Her wrap appears to be earmine.  I like her slight dignified smile.  She should be here by next week.