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Cunningham Slaves in Shelby County, Alabama and other family information on Roebuck, Hawkins, Bowdon, Wilson, Prentice, and Welch

I present for researchers a list of my ancestor Joseph H. Cunningham's family slaves, from the inventory taken in 1857. Slavery in the South ended in 1865 with the passage of the 13th Amendment.  Moses, age 25 Alfred, age 21 Jessee, age 18 Lewis age 16 Edmund age 13 David age 10 Harriett age 8 Elijah age 35 Lizzy age 42 Skinner age 40  Mink age 21 George age 13 Sam age 23 Dallas age 11 a boy Milly age 17 a girl  Jimmie a girl age 18 Linda age 42 Bill age 16 Jim age 15 Prince age 21 Aggy 14 a girl  Felix age 23 Elvira age 11 Eliza a girl age 12 Priscilla and 2 children, she is 19.   Sarah age 16 Charles age 55 Pleasant age 60  From an 1851 document, there was Esther, plantation cook Lucinda, born 1835 Most of the above people were purchased or inherited by the sons and daughters of the planter in 1857/1858. Some of the family names of the children were Cunningham, Bowden, Hawkins, Roebuck, Welch, Wells, Hail, Frost, and Wilson.  Tintype p