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BLACK AMERICANA Ole Virgina layer cake pans

I've seen no other examples on ebay, google images, or even pinterest. These layer cake pans still have the original paper labels glued inside. The 1980's price tags are still on the back: over $300 each. I am sure the pans are still around, but the paper labels had to be destroyed to use the pan. These were never used and therefore are preserved as they came from the store. I am sure they are quite rare !

All about me ! ( just like the 1980's were ! hahahahaha )

Teacher of Latin, French, English, Theater, and Social Studies for 38 years. Trading and Dealing in Antiques since I was 13. Researching genealogy since I was 12. Art and art restoration. Gesso frame restoration. Herb and pass-along plant gardening; Dressing in 1850's clothing. Reading and rereading Dickens novels. Living in my 200 year old family home. Simple life and primitive crafts ( Tasha Tudor hated the term "crafts." ) Making new adult friends. Going to live auctions and bidding on online auctions. Crawling under old houses to look at the architecture. Writing letters with a dip pen. Never willfully hurting other people's feelings.

Making walnut stain for a quilt.

Step One: I have gathered enough walnuts from the creek bottom to make some stain. The next step will be to get some thick leather gloves and get the husks off of them.

Simple LIfe Magazine will no longer be published.

It's been a great eleven year run !!!!!

My Primitive Alabama House fits my primitive Alabama lifestyle.

My friend Deborah calls this my keeping room or buttery, since I have no small room yet to put such things except in the corner of the log room.   My friend Larry made this, the best photograph ever of the front room.  He died of Covid earlier this year.  He loved primitives and we would talk for hours about some piece he had found on Marketplace. He thought nothing of getting his friend Michael and driving 200 miles or more to look at a pie safe or a hunt board.  This shows the egg gourds I planted several years ago. They rest in a colonial trencher. Larry sold me the table and the step back. The rug is a Nichols Chinese Art Deco which brings out the greens in the step back and the table.   This is a more recent photograph of the house after I bought the high back sofa. I needed somewhere comfortable for my ( rare) guests to sit. I will probably recover it in a brown fabric or build another one. The door is soon to loose its mustard color as are the windows and drapes.  This shows the