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Silhouettes and Miniature portraits.

Here is part of my small collection. These are all pre-1850

So very hot in Alabama

The sunflowers have done really well but required watering daily.   The althea bush , or Rose of Sharon, always performs.  I planted several big bloom or lots of smaller ones. View from the front porch of the 1817 house.

Antique Shop

Spring 2019 has arrived ! Joe's tulip tree is in bloom

Spring officially arrives at Wilson's Hill Farm when Joe's tulip tree blooms. He planted it 20 years ago.  He's now in Denver but the tulip tree is doing fine here in Alabama .  A pink lusterware vase in the kitchen window holds the first buds of the tulip tree. 

Alabama Plantation Desk

Pine Alabama Plantation Desk from the Black Belt.  Seven feet tall.  I have looked for one of these to purchase for a long time so this is a keeper. The chair is a good comparison to show how large the desk is.  I moved the desk ( no easy task) to an interior wall and put some of my old books in.  It looks much better here than at the foot of the stairs.  

Alabama Morning

Mustard churns with a beehive in the middle, and mortars and pestles above, sitting on a Yankee bucket bench.  Finally a pretty day here in Alabama,  70 degrees and sunshine. 

Alabama Civil War Widow

Unidentified  Alabama Civil War Widow. Measuring a large 42 x 36. Original Frame. Untouched condition.  Oil on Canvas. 

Primitive Folk Art Lady with Feather and Leaf

This is a primitive folk art oil on canvas of lady with a feather in her hair and holding some sort of plant leaf. The canvas is 30 x 24. I am asking for opinions as to age, subject matter, and origin, etc. I've had her for a few years and never sought information before, but find her to be an interesting person. She was purchased from an estate in Connecticut. Experts on line found the original of my painting.  She is part of the Rockefeller Collection of  Folk Art at Colonial Williamsburg.  Apparently she is an early copy of her or is based on her.