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The truth has been shown the light. My grandmother's typical family stories.... of Cherokee ancestors, of questionable "highwaymen" accounts of great grandfathers who were "deported" long after deportation from England stopped, and the knowledge that her Evans family is from the Appalachian Mountains in Western North Carolina and North Georgia, coupled with the name Evans being a common MELUNGEON sir name.... It all adds up to a typical hidden MELUNGEON ancestry. I am proud of it. the Melungeon people were ALREADY THERE when the English and Scots got to Western North Carolina. They are apparently mixed Native American, African, and Portuguese. The ancestry is no longer being hidden ( generally) and a pride of this heritage is on the rise in the area. It also finally explains my 2 % African American ancestry on my DNA test !


  1. Any hints of Melungeon ancestry were being hidden in the 1800's in Appalachia. Angry aunts were burning family photographs and records in an attempt to destroy the knowledge that family ancestors had African, Native American, and southern European roots. These descendants wanted to be WHITE, not "mixed." There was much discrimination against them if a Melungeon ancestry was discovered. Even the word was a whispered admission , if spoken of at all. There is much to find today if you will Google the term. Many people with roots in this area many have Melungeon hidden ancestry. Are there tales in your family of "Indian" ancestors? Are there vague stories of ancestors who were "illegitimate" and "we don't know anything about their real father." Are their ancestors who were from the hills of North Carolina or North Georgia or Tennessee or Kentucky and "we don't know much about them.... " Granny/ Grandad never would talk about his people " ??? then you also might have Melungeon ancestors, no matter if you identify as Black or White. You can find lists of "common" Melungeon names on Google, but of course the name will change with marriage, so you have to go back a ways to be sure. Plus there will be 100 more names not on the list. I was suspicious when my Evans ancestor was said to be a thief ( a "highwayman" ) who was deported from WALES . Being born in 1820, there was no way England could "deport" him to America in the 1840's... We were an independent country them. England deported criminals to AUSTRALIA. This is a typical story to hide Melungeon ancestors. We also found his FATHER AND MOTHER already here before he was born, as well as THEIR PARENTS, so that story fell apart, but it was perfect to hide a black/white/ Portuguese Melungeon ancestor !!!

  2. Well, another fascinating piece of the family puzzle slides into place. I knew of the Melungeons and, for some time, was convinced some of my ancestors were Melungeon too... Yes, there was vague talk of Indian blood, wooly, thick, unmanageable hair, and, I think I mentioned to you previously the one photo in my grandmother's album of a young woman who looks to be either black or mulatto...and no one knowing who she is. But, I gave up the theory for two main reasons: (1) No one in our line is from anywhere remotely near the south or Appalachia (other than perhaps you dear "cousin") and (2) this is on my mother's side and our genealogy there is pretty replete as that is the line that traces directly back to "witches" of Salem. I suppose, though, it could have gone through the spousal side that wasn't as fully researched. Hmmmm.... ~Robin~ (Have missed your posts! Hope all is well.)

  3. Don't you love it when it all comes together in such a cool way?


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