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Howard Weeden, female, Alabama poet and artist

Miss Weeden's work was published in a book in 1962 called "Shadows on the Wall" ( Colonial Press, Northport, Alabama, 148 pages, by Frances C. Roberts and Sarah Huff Fisk ) The book is occasionally listed on ebay, but there were not many copies printed. I have three. Her paintings of local African Americans, were used to illustrate her nostalgic poems about the Old South. Each portrait was chosen to illustrate a particular poem. Her paintings are highly prized and rarely come up for sale. The Weeden house is still standing in Huntsville, Alabama. Here is her painting used to illustrate the poem " Beaten Biscuit."


  1. Like Historical Ken said, you've been missed! I was not familiar with Ms. Weeden...but wow...what an amazing gift she had!! Thanks for sharing her with us.... ~Robin~

  2. Hello There Today I'm catching up on reading your blog , Like your history stories.
    I'm washing my lusterware tea set , by hand of course



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