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I HAVE A HAPPY PAGE with most posts about primitives, flowers, old houses, and oil paintings. I don't do politics, wars , religion, or anything else that would draw criticism. I live in a happy Smurf land on here - although I have some pretty strong opinions. BACK IN THE 1980's, I taught Sr. Economics. One of the coaches taught Government. Both courses were for seniors in high school . At that time, I was a full blown Reaganite ! My, how the years have changed me ! The coach was a big Democrat. He would get the students and fill them with the "liberal" ideals of free education, free lunches, right to welfare, public housing, etc. etc. Then for the next 9 weeks, Seniors came to me for Republican Economics, a totally different approach! I taught the stock market, bonds vs. cd's, real estate investments, silver vs. gold as a hedge against inflation, etc. etc. By the time I had the last word, they wouldn't give a dime to charity ! It was always a big joke in faculty meetings about our two classes and how contrasting they were.. Looking back, I really enjoyed the set-up we had. The students enjoyed the "battle of ideas" also. I remember another assistant coach was really mad at me. " How can you be a teacher and a Republican at the same time? " he demanded. I remember our Principal was angry because "Reagan gave away the Panama Canal." Some of you are old enough to remember the 80's and 90's when CD's were making 15% + a year. Today, it's 5.5 % locally. IRA's in the 80's practically guaranteed all who joined in would retire a millionaire. No one saw 2008 coming ! I just wanted to say " Time has made a change in me." I care very little for politics AFTER 1870. I could not survive teaching Gov't/Econ today. I care nothing for the insane "WOKE" movement on the left or the FACIST wave on the right. So, I will continue posting primitives, flowers, old houses, and oil paintings. Have a lovely day !!!


  1. Very refreshing perspective cousin. Ahhh, back when youth were allowed to hear two sides and encouraged to think for themselves. I think, though, you have the right idea in losing yourself in Smurfville. ~Robin~

  2. Add this : HOWEVER, the STUDENTS were challenged to THINK about their own viewpoint of the country and DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES what opinions they had. Not MY opinion. not the COACHES opinion.


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